Smart Green Process

At the REPET production facility the post-consumer PET bottles undergo a recycling process using state-of-the-art technology to yield its final product, PET flakes.

  • De-baling followed by multiple stages of automatic and manual sorting
  • The sorted PET bottles are ground using our size reduction technology then separated from cap and label material
  • The sorted and separated PET bottle material (flake) is decontaminated in a chemically intensive hot-washing process
  • The washed flake is then dried, de-dusted and packaged
  • Waste water treated prior to discharge
  • Intensive quality control and auditing throughout process.

We constantly upgrade our production process in order to make it even more ecologically friendly by installing the advanced multistage water treatment systems for the water we drain, and to minimize the pollution caused by our operations.

We can proudly declare that our PCW PET waste recycling process is one of the most water and energy efficient in the entire industry. In other words it means that according to our “mass to energy” balance we are the “greenest” and the most environmentally friendly recyclers in Western Hemisphere.

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