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Our Goal is to Shape the Future by Recycling Over 4 Billion Plastic Bottles Every Year

RePET is a PET recycler and processor of post-consumer and post-industrial food and beverage PET container packaging. We take on the most challenging step of turning PET containers into the FDA LNO (Letter of Non-Objection) flake, ready to be ultimately turned into FDA food-grade resin. We currently recycle over 2 Billion plastic bottles every year, and we have the scalable technology and infrastructure in place to double our volume.

Passion. Commitment. Credibility.

Community Leadership with RePET

At RePET, we take our responsibility as an industry leader seriously. We’re a passionate team focused on reducing the carbon footprint by recycling plastic waste into PET flake. We have high-quality products that we proudly offer to manufacturers, creating a circular economy.

Our Future is Brighter with a
Circular Economy

PET Recycling Benefits Everyone

RePET is helping California lead the way in PET recycling. With an eye towards the future and facility upgrades, we have the scale and flexibility to service any West Coast manufacturer, including the largest food and beverage manufacturers.

RePET Production Process


At our production facility, post-consumer PET bottles undergo a state-of-the-art recycling process to yield high-quality PET flake.

Green Technology Driving
Innovation & Preservation

Reducing Pollution, Maintaining Quality.

We have the innovation and proprietary technology to help preserve the environment and natural resources for generations to come by offering a practical solution to a key step in PET recycling.