Repet - Responsible Technology, Perfect Product
(909) 594 - 5333
Repet - Responsible Technology, Perfect Product
(909) 594 - 5333

Our Passion & Technology Has Impact.
We recycle 2 Billion Bottles Every Year.

We are one of the greenest and most environmentally friendly recyclers in the world. Our PET recycling process is one of the most water and energy-efficient in the entire industry. We help local communities lessen the impact of plastic in their neighborhoods, parks, lakes, and landfills.

Giving New Life To Plastic
Intensive quality control at every production stage.

PET plastic bottles are sorted, ground, separated, and decontaminated in a chemically intense hot-washing process. We deliver PET flake that can be used in home goods, bottled beverages, food containers, and many more final applications.


Step 1 Debaling
Step 2 High Tech Bottle Optical Sorters
Step 3 Grinding/Crushing
Step 4 Chemical Hotwashing
Step 5 High Tech Flake Optical Sort

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